Michael Hutchence



Rooms For The Memory   1987    2   Produced by Tony Cohen

Single   AUS   WEA 7.258441

Michael Hutchence      1999   15   Produced by Michael Hutchence, Danny Saber and Andy Gill

CD       AUS   V2
         AUS   V2 (limited numbered edition, silver embossed cover)
         EUR   V2 VVR1007882 (13 tracks)


Rocking Love Gods                            1985
Flame Fortune       12"   Sex Symbol         1985
Troy Davies         s                        1987
Max Q               lp    Max Q              1989
Jenny Morris        cd    The Story So Far   1992

Session musician

Don Walker        lp    Freedom (Soundtrack)   1981
Beargarden        s                            1985
Soundtrack              Crocodile Dundee       1986
Richard Clapton   lp    Glory Road             1987
Ecco Homo         12"   Motorcycle Baby        1988
Noiseworks        cd    Love Versus Money      1991


INXS 1978-1997
Max Q 1989
died 1997

Sources of information: Stefan Warnqvist
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