Icecream Hands

Melbourne 1992-present



Icecream Hands            1992    6

CD-EP       AUS   Rubber/Shock

Travelling Made Easy      1993   14

CD          AUS   Rubber/Shock
            GER   Blue Rose 30.109-1 (added 4 tracks, different cover)

Memory Lane Traffic Jam   1997   14

CD          AUS   Rubber/BMG
            USA   Not Lame NL-041 (3 bonus tracks)

Sweeter Than The Radio    1999   15   Produced by Icecream Hands and Wayne Connolly

CD          AUS   Rubber/BMG 74321693132

Broken UFO                2002   14   Produced by Shane O'Mara and East Van Parks

CD          AUS   Rubber/BMG RUB142
            AUS   Rubber/BMG RUB142B (limited edition with bonus cd)

You Can Ride My Bike      2004   43

Double-CD   AUS   Rubber RUB189

The Good China            2007   11   Produced by East Van Parks

CD          AUS   Dust Devil Music DDCD0107

Contribution to album

I'm In Love...With That Song   1999


Goodwin Marcus (g) 1997-present solo-album
Jenkins Charles (v,g) 1992-present The Mad Turks, Four Hours Sleep
Larizza Arch (b,bv) 1992-1993 The Distressed Innocents, The Noise, Innocents, Midnight Specials, The Shivers, Love and Squalor, Chris Bailey and The General Dog, The Saints
Larizza Dom (g,bv) 1992-1997
Robertson Douglas Lee (b,v) 1993-present
Smiley Derek (d,bv) 1992-present

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