Penny Ikinger



Songs From The Deep   2001    3   Produced by Craig Harnath, Penny Ikinger and Charlie Owen


Electra               2003   10   Produced by Penny Ikinger and Craig Harnath

CD      USA   Career CDS 7718

Session musician

Meera Atkinson                   lp   This Is The Planet                 1987
Louis Tillett                    lp   Egotripping at the Gates of Hell   1987
Louis Tillett                    cd   A Caste of Aspersions              1990
Charlie Owen                     cd   Vertigo and Other Phobias          1994
Tex Perkins                      cd   Far Be It From Me                  1996
Kim Salmon and The Surrealists   cd   Ya Gotta Let Me Do My Own Thing    1997
Hoss                             cd   Do You Leave Here Often?           1997
Louis Tillett                    cd   Cry Against The Faith              1998
Louis Tillett                    cd   Live at The Basement               2001
Rosie Westbrook                  cd   Wave                               2002


Wet Taxis 1983-1988
Kings Of The World 1988- Jen Anderson, Amanda Brown, Joe Collings, Louise Elliot, Brett Ford, Janine Hall, Glad Reed, David Sandford, Kerry Stanton, Mary-Ellen Stringer, Kathy Wemyss, Violinda
Louis Tillet and The Cast of Aspersions 1990
Red Dress 1992-1994
Blush 1993-1995 Astrid Munday, Rosie Westbrook, Clare Moore
Sacred Cowboys 1996-1997
Salon Baby ???? Caroline Kennedy
Penny Ikinger Band 200?

Members (Penny Ikinger Band)

Goble Shamus (d) 200? Plums, Astrid Munday and Dystopia, The Kicksilvers, Monique Brumby and The Riders
Ikinger Penny (g,v) 200?
Maveric Peter (b) 2003
McCubbin Andrew (g) 2003
Westbrook Rosie (dbl b) 200? Maurice Frawley and The Working Class Ringos, Astrid Munday and Dystopia, Astrid Munday Band

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