I'm Talking

Melbourne 1983-1987



Someday                          1984

Mini-LP   AUS   Randelli

More Love Stories (Soundtrack)   1984

LP        AUS   Randelli

Bear Witness                     1986    8   Produced by Fred Maher and Martyn Webster

CD        AUS   Regular (issued 1996, 12 tracks)

LP        AUS   Regular RML 53202

MC        AUS   Regular RMC 53202
          AUS   Regular (re-issue 1996, 12 tracks)

Dance                            1989

LP        AUS   Regular


Ceberano Kate (v) 1984-1987
Charlesworth Stephen (k) 1983-1987 Bang
Cox Ian (sax) 1983-1987 Essendon Airport, Equal Local, Hot Half Hour, Caesars Palace
Goodge Robert (g) 1983-1987 Essendon Airport, Synthetic Dream
Hogarth Barbara (b) 1983-1987 Government Drums, Essendon Airport
McCall John (k) 1987 The Tree, Zazal, Man Friday, Triple Peaks
McLean Warren (d) 1986-1987 Machinations, Flotsam Jetsam, Divinyls, James Freud Band, Sean Kelly and Absent Friends, The Party Boys, Mama's Darlings
Newman Cameron (d) 1983-1986 ---
Zan (v) 1983-1987 Heart Soul and Voice, Black Coffee, Sweet Soul Chariot, Big Choir, El Coco Loco, Mercy Mercy, solo-singles

Sources of information: Kate Ceberano Official Homepage
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