Interstellar Villains

Sydney 1988-



Right Out In The Lobster Quadrille   1988

LP          AUS   Timberyard SAW 001

Revolver                             1990

CD          AUS

LP          AUS   Timberyard SAW 007

My Boyfriend Is An Outlaw            1992

CD-Single   AUS   Munster


Handley Alison (v) 1992- ---
Hislop Alan (d) 1988- Moffs, Trash Potatoes, The 0bvious Question
Potts Nick (k) 198? Flowerpot Men, Moffs, No Man's Land, Suicidal Flowers, Kings
Thewlis Tony (v,g) 1988- Helicopters, The Aligators, The Resistants, The Scientists, The Beasts of Bourbon, The Punjabbers
Walsh Richard (b) 1988- ---

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