Jack and The Beanstalk

Perth 1994-present



Gram Parsons           1994    3

Single   AUS   Spinning Top TOP002

...And Other Stories   1996   12

CD       AUS   Spinning Top TOP005
         USA   Parasol PAR-CD-24

Serial                 1997   14

CD       SWE   Torpedo/Border TPCD-1 (digipak, limited numbered edition of 1000)

Your Weirdo            1997    4

EP       FRA   Hellfire Club HFC 7001

Cowboys In Sweden      2001   13

CD       USA   Parasol PAR-CD-70

Vodka Line             2002    9

CD-EP    FIN   Rhythm Barrel BRRL003
         USA   Parasol PAR-CD-76

Contribution to album

Shake and Shame!!                 1995
The Bam Balam Explosion Vol. II   1995
Pop On Top                        1996
Pop Under The Surface Vol. 1      1997
Storming The Citadel              1998
Spin Me Pop                       1998
True Grit                         1999
I'm In Love...With That Song      1999
Beat Party!                       1999
I Wanna Be A Real Kid             1999
Bucketful Of Brains #55           2000  
Popular World                     2000 
Off The Hip #1                    2001 
Zipped Up And Down                2001 
Parasol's Sweet Sixteen Vol. 3    2001 


Algeri Joe (v,g) 1994-present
Bender Shane (b) 1994
Borruso Kevin (g,v) 1997-present Stonemasons, Superscope, Starsky and Hutch
Loasby Stuart (b,org) 1997-present Superscope, Majestic Kelp
McAvoy Gerry (b,v) 1995-1997
Moon Martin (d) 1994 Image, Sans P.S., Springs Into Action, Intensive Care, Room To Swing A Cat, The Marigolds, The Summer Suns, The Neptunes, The Chevelles, Mardi Picasso, Mink, Sasquatch, DM3, The Tune Bureau, Dom Mariani's Orange, Feends, King Wasabi
Pompino Rick (d) 1994
Spinnelli Anthony (d) 1996-present

Sources of information: Joe Algeri, Egomaniac Music
© Magnus Holmgren
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