Jack Frost

Sydney 1990-1991,1995



Jack Frost   1991   12   Produced by Steve Kilbey, Grant McLennan and Pryce Surplice

CD   AUS   Red Eye RED CD 18 (bonustrack, "Even As We Speak")
     AUS   Karmic Hit (remastered re-issue 2006, 3 bonus tracks)
     EUR   Arista 261354 (bonustrack, "Even As We Speak")
     JAP   BVCA 109 (bonustrack, "Even As We Speak"?)
     USA   Arista ARCD-8867 (bonustrack, "Even As We Speak")

LP   AUS   Polydor/Red Eye 847 548-1
     GER   Arista 211354
     HOL   Arista 211354
     USA   Arista Al-8667

Snow Job     1995   13   Produced by Steve Kilbey, Grant McLennan and Russell Kilbey

CD   AUS   Karmic Hit KH 003
     AUS   (re-issue 1999)
     UK    Beggars Banquet BEGL 183 CD (issued 1996)


Kilbey Steve (v,b,g,k,d) 1990-1991,1995
McLennan Grant (v,b,g,k) 1990-1991,1995

Sources of information: Go-Betweens Homepage, Shadow Cabinet - Church Homepage, Beggars Banquet Homepage, Stefan Warnqvist
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