The Jaynes




All The Colours In The World   1991    9

CD          AUS

MC          AUS

Strum                          1993   10

CD          AUS

Babe                           1993    7

CD          AUS

The Jaynes                     1994    5

Mini-CD     AUS

Shop Front Windows             1996   12   Produced by Tony Cohen, Richard Pleasance, Mat Gearing-Thomas and The Jaynes

CD          AUS   Mushroom D24550 (D31550)

Dogbone                        1998    6   Produced by The Jaynes, Paul McKercher and Mat Gearing-Thomas

Mini-CD     AUS   CD004

Gone                           1999    3   Produced by The Jaynes

CD-Single   AUS   CD005/2

Fade Into The Light            2001   11   Produced by The Jaynes

CD          AUS   CD005


Banks Matt (v,g,org,p) 19??-present Three Minute Smile, Bugbear, Strum, Kiss Off, Fezzik
Boomer Simon (b,v,k) 19??-????
Rice Scott (d,perc,bv) 19??-present
Williams Tom (v,tromb,perc,k) 19??-present

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