Perth 1994-present



Twitch                1996    5   Produced by Chris Dickie

CD-EP       AUS

EP          AUS    (limited edition of 800)

Jerks of Attention    1996

CD-Single   AUS

Single      AUS    (250 hand numbered and stamped)

Slightly Odway        1997   13   Produced by Neill King

CD          ASIA   (issued 1998, 2 bonus tracks "Monument" and re-recorded "Tracksuit")
            AUS    Murmur

LP          AUS    Murmur (1 bonus track, re-recorded "Tracksuit")

MC          AUS    Murmur

Harpoon               1998    6

CD-EP       AUS

MC-EP       AUS

Of Someday Shambles   1999   13   Produced by Mark Trombino

CD          AUS    Murmur (limited edition of 70000 with bonus multimedia CD)
            JAP    (issued 2000)
            NZL    (issued 2000)
            USA    (issued 2000, different cover)

Jebediah              2002   12   Produced by Magoo

CD          AUS    Murmur

shared with Something For Kate:
Harpoon               1998    4

Single      AUS    Murmur MATTV074 (double-7", limited edition of 500)

Contribution to album

Recovery  - Songs From The Back Door      1997
Triple J - Lust For Live                  1999
Occasional Course Language (soundtrack)
Recovery - Ready For Transmission         1999
UnDone - The Songs of Duran Duran         1999
The Power And The Passion                 2001
Triple J - Live And Unleashed             2001
Cold - Live At The Chapel Vol. 3          2002
Triple M Musical Challenge Vol. 3         2002


Daymond Chris (g) 1994-present
Mitchell Brett (d) 1994-present
Mitchell Kevin (v,g) 1994-present
Thornton Vanessa (b) 1994-present
Almin (d) 1994

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