Jack Jones


Contribution to album

The Spirit of Christmas 1994   1994
Good Vibrations                1998
Olympic Record                 2000


Southern Sons   track   The Little Drummer Boy   1993

Session musician

John Farnham                   cd      Chain Reaction                             1990
Lisa Edwards                   cd      Thru The Hoop                              1993
Debra Byrne                    cd      Sleeping Child                             1994
Tommy Emmanuel/Phil Emmanuel   cd      Terra Firma                                1995
Bachelor Girl                  cd      Waiting For The Day                        1998
John Farnham                   cd      Live At The Regent Theatre 1st July 1999   1999
Bachelor Girl                  track   New Miracle                                1999
Bachelor Girl                  cd      Dysfunctional                              2002
Dan Greenwood                  cd      This Is The Girl                           2002


Get Off The Cat
Hans Valen
Gnomes of Zurich
John Farnham Band 1990
Southern Sons 1990-199?
Hong Kong Meeting ???? Steve Hunter, Virgin Donati
Tina Arena Band 1997
Irwin Thomas 2001-present

Members (Jack Jones Band)

Beers Garry Gary (b) 1998 INXS, Absent Friends, Good Vibrations (session)
Formosa Alex (d) 1998
Jones Jack (v,g) 1998

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