Peter Jones


Session musician

Vince Jones                   lp      Spell                                  1983
Andrew Pendlebury             lp      Between The Horizon and The Dockyard   1987
Kate Ceberano                 track   Nature Boy                             1990
Soundtrack                            Hunting                                1991
Deborah Conway                cd      String Of Pearls                       1991
Mark Seymour and Paul Kelly   cds     Hey Boys                               1992
Deborah Conway                cd      Bitch Epic                             1993
Spencer P. Jones              cd      Rumour Of Death                        1994
Kate Ceberano                 cd      Kate Ceberano and Friends              1994
Vince Jones                   cd      Here's To The Miracles                 1996
Mark Seymour                  cd      King Without A Clue                    1997
Vika And Linda                track   I'd Rather Be Sorry                    1997
Kirsty Stegwazi               cd      Way Over There                         1999
Stephen Cummings              cd      Spiritual Bum                          1999
Tess McKenna                  track   It Ain't Me Babe                       2000
Stephen Cummings              cd      Skeleton Key                           2001
Stephen Cummings              cd      Firecracker                            2003
Tess McKenna                  cd      Boom Bam                               2003
Stephen Cummings              cd      Close-Ups                              2004
Rebecca Barnard               cd      Fortified                              2006
Phil Judd                     cd      Mr. Phudd & His Novelty Act            2006


Vince Jones Band
Harem Scarem 1985-1989
King Jerklews 1986 Jonathan Campbell, Peter Chellew, Nicky Del Ray, Frank Moylan
Kate Ceberano and Her Septet 1986-1988
Crown Of Thorns 1988-1989,1991
Dianna Kiss 1989 Kate Ceberano, Paul Gadsby, Ross Hannaford, Leon Neon, Ray Pereira, Jex Saarelaht, Russell Smith, Stuart Speed
The Jextet 1989 Robbie Burke, Ian Chaplin, Jex Saarelaht, Russell Smith, Stuart Speed
The Drawcards 1990 Vika and Linda, Deborah Conway, Stephen Cummings, Dror Erez, Tim Finn, Ross Hannaford, Shane O'Mara, Chris Wilson
Gospel Choir 1990 Rebecca Barnard, Mick Bowden, Nichaud Fitzgibbon, Joe Geia, Richard Grey, Tania Lee, Jex Saarelaht, Shelly Scown, Kerri Simpson, Stu Speed, David Williamson, Chris Wilson, Paul Winterbine
Sherine 1990 Sherine, Dror Erez, Paul Hester, Tony Norris, Keith Pereira, Chris Wilson
Kate Ceberano and Her Sextet 1990
Deborah Conway and The Mothers of Pearl 1991
Rose Amongst Thorns 1991 Deborah Conway, Dror Erez, Paul Hester, Chris Wilson
The Saints 1991
Blackmale 1992 Dror Erez, Michael Den Elzen
Vince Jones Band 1993
Crowded House 1994-1996
Deadstar 1995-2001
Ross Hannaford's Reggaebites 2002 Ross Hannaford, Jex Saarelaht, Yuri Pavlinov

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