Spencer P. Jones



Rumour Of Death          1994   12   Produced by Dave McCluney and Spencer P. Jones

CD       AUS   Red Eye/Polydor CD RED 41/523747 2

LP       AUS   Red Eye/Polydor

What's Got Into Him?     1997    2

Single   AUS   Both Sides Burning / Polygram ML10495

The Last Gasp            2000

CD       AUS   Spooky/MGM spooky001

Cow Penalty              2000

LP       AUS

These Days               200?

CD-EP    AUS   Spooky/MGM spooky002

The Lost Anxiety Tapes   2001   10

CD       AUS   Spooky/MGM spooky004

Fait Accompli            2003

CD       AUS

Contribution to album

The Spooky Records Bootlegs - Volume 1   2002


Disgraceland   cd   H.                          1993
Charlie Owen   cd   Vertigo and Other Phobias   1994
Tendrils       cd   Tendrils                    1995

Session musician

Conway Savage                 cdep   Conway Savage               1993
Icecream Hands                cd     Travelling... made easy     1993
Charlie Owen                  cd     Vertigo and Other Phobias   1994
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds   cd     Let Love In                 1994
Acuff's Rose                  cd     Son of The North Wind       1995
Paul Kelly                    cdep   How To Make Gravy           1996
The Sacred Cowboys            cd     Things To Come              1996
Paul Kelly                    cd     Words And Music             1998
Various                       cd     Mushroom 25 Live            1998
Renee Geyer                   cd     Sweet Life                  1999
Paul Kelly                    cd     Nothing But A Dream         2001


Cuban Heels 1979-1981 Brian Allamby, Steve Connolly, Chris Hunter, Graham Lewis, Ian, Chris
Beats Working 1981-1982 Chris Dyson, James Lloyd, David Reyne
North 2 Alaskans 1982-1983 Frank Savage, Johnny Topper, Steve Watson, Jimmy Williams
The Johnnys 1983-1989
The Beasts of Bourbon 1983-1985
Olympic Sideburns 1983
Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls 1985 temp
Legendary Stardust Cowboys 1986 James Baker, Lachlan McLeod, Tex Perkins
The Rock Party 1986
The Beasts of Bourbon 1988-1993
The Butcher Shop 1988-1990
Mince Meat 1989 Tex Perkins
Hell To Pay 1991-1993
Chris Bailey and The General Dog 1992
Maurice Frawley and The Working Class Ringos 1993-
Sacred Cowboys 1994-1995
Paul Kelly Band 1996-present
The Beasts of Bourbon 1996-1997
Singers For The Red Black and Gold 1997
The Beasts of Bourbon 2003

Sources of information: Divine Rites, Spooky Records
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