Les Karski



Nauts                         lp    Nauts                         1979
Ray Arnott                    lp    Rude Dudes                    1979
Midnight Oil                  lp    Head Injuries                 1979
Boys Next Door                s     Shivers                       1979
Last Words                    s     Today's Kids                  1980
Midnight Oil                  mlp   Bird Noises                   1980
The Triffids                  s     Spanish Blue                  1982
Dee Minor and The Dischords   mlp   Dee Minor and The Dischords   1982
Magnetics                     ep    Four On The Floor             1983
Simplex                       s                                   1983
v Spy v Spy                   lp    Harry's Reasons               1985
v Spy v Spy                   lp    A.O.MOD.T.V.VERS.             1986
The Foreday Riders            lp    Rider's Digest                1987
v Spy v Spy                   lp    Xenophobia (Why?)             1988
The Sparklers                 lp    Persuasion                    1988
98 Degrees                    s     Voodoo                        1989
Yothu Yindi                   lp    Homeland Movement             1989
v Spy v Spy                   cd    Fossil                        1993

Session musician

Flash and The Pan   lp   Lights In The Night   1980
Ghostwriters        cd   Ghostwriters          1991


Supercharge (UK)
Ray Arnott Band 1979
Fat Sam and The Gleetones
Flash and The Pan 1980
Cheetah 1981
Magnetics 1983 Paul Balbi, Robert Taylor, Terry Wilson, Richard Ruhle, Vito Portolesi
The Foreday Riders 1985-1986
The Hippos 1988 Ace Follington, Phil Grove, Richard Harvey, Ian Jones, Bridie King, Rory McKibbon, John Power
Bondi Cigars 1990-1993 Alan Britton, Marty Chown, Ace Follington, Declan Kelly, Shane Pacey

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