Tom Kazas



Deliquescence       1989

LP   AUS   Third Eye TRILP 1

Book Of Saturdays   1993

CD   AUS   Shock

Tom Kazas           1995   12   Produced by Tom Kazas

CD   AUS   Ravenswood/MDS RV1015

Contribution to album

Floralia Vol. 3   1999


Bob Armstrong          cd     Island Of Dreams       1990
The Pyramidiacs        s                             1991
Lemon Avenue           mcd    Love And Necromancy    1991
You Am I               cdep   Goddamn                1992
Lovecraft              cdep   Love                   1992
Fig Tree Rennaisance   cd     Fig Tree Rennaisance   1994

Session musician

Tiny Tim   cd   Christmas Album   1996


Moffs 1983-1989
Bob Armstrong and The Navigators 1990-
Taj Orange 1991- Bob Armstrong, Andrew Byrnes, David Byrnes, Jim Hatzis
Fig Tree Renaissance 1993- Richard Lawson, Brian Mann, Carina Grace
The Takeaway Theatre/Hellenic Theatrical Group

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