Sean Kelly



Thankyou Goodnight   1989    2   Produced by David Nicholas and Sean Kelly

Single   AUS   rooArt

Moons Of Jupiter     2006   14

CD       AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0822

Contribution to album

Jackson St. Jubilee   2001


Absent Friends   cd      Here's Looking Up Your Address   1990
Sly Butcher      track   Too Many Choices                 1991
The Dukes        cd      Harbour City                     1992
Wendy Morrison   cd      I Woman I Fly                    2000

Session musician

Bodhan            mlp   Fear Of Flying           1983
INXS              lp    The Swing                1984
Big Choir         lp    Sing                     1984
Bodhan X          mlp   Kingsnake                1988
Cal               lp    Sailors and Mermaids     1988
Icehouse          lp    Code Blue                1990
Billy Miller      cd    Victoria                 1998
Wendy Morrison    cd    I Woman I Fly            2000
Billy Miller      cd    Elsternwick '69          2000
Rosie Westbrook   cd    Wave                     2002


Spred/Teenage Radio Stars 1977-1978
The Models 1978-1988
The Rock Party 1986
Absent Friends 1989-1990
Sean Kelly and The Iron Dukes 1990 Michael Armiger, Michael King, John Mackay
The Dukes 1990-1993
Interchange Bench 1993-1998 Andrew Duffield, Billy Miller, Ken Firth, Cal McCalpine
Astrid Munday and Dystopia 1998
The Models tour 2000,2001

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