John Kennedy



J.F.K. and The Cuban Crisis:
Over the Underpass and Under the Overpass   1981

MC        AUS

Down and Out in Brisbane and Sydney         1982

MC        AUS

Am I a Pagan?                               1982    2

Single    AUS   Two Possibilities

Careless Talk Costs Lives                   1982    4

EP        AUS   Waterfront DAMP 1

The Ballad of Jackie O                      1984    3

Single    AUS   Waterfront DAMP 4

The End of The Affair                       1984

LP        AUS   Waterfront DAMP 6

John Kennedy:
Forget                                      1984    2

Single    AUS   Waterfront DAMP 11

Miracle (in Marrickville)                   1985    2

Single    AUS   Waterfront DAMP 15

From Woe To Go                              1986    8

Mini-LP   AUS   Red Eye RED 11

John Kennedy's Love Gone Wrong:
King Street                                 1985    2

Single    AUS   Red Eye RED 7

A Time For Giving                           1985

Single    AUS

Big Country                                 1986    2

Single    AUS   Red Eye RED 10

Run Rudolph Run                             1986    2

Single    AUS

Love Gone Wrong:
Always The Bridgegroom                      1987

LP        AUS   Mighty Boy MBLP 7001

MC        AUS   Mighty Boy

John Kennedy:
One Day                                     1989

LP        AUS   Mighty Boy

Have Songs Will Travel                      1990   22

CD        AUS   Red Eye RED CD 20

MC        AUS   Red Eye RED MC 20
          USA   Furnace (issued 1989)

The Honeymooners                            1991    5

EP        GER   Exile EX 10 EP 7 (10")

Fiction Facing Facts                        1993

CD        GER   Twang! TCD 5900

Kennedy Town                                2000

CD        AUS   Urban and Western U&W CD 001
          AUS   Laughing Outlaw LORCD 058 (re-issue 2003, first 200 copies include "Fiction Facing Facts")

Inner West                                  2001

CD        AUS   Laughing Outlaw LORCD 023

with Billy Baxter:
To Love Somebody                            1988    2

Single    AUS   Mighty Boy MB 20137


J.F.K. and The Cuban Crisis 1980-1984 James Pattinson, Holger Maschke, Paul Hardman, John Downie, Stephen Pritchard, Greg Hall, Paul Rochelli
John Kennedy's Love Gone Wrong 1984-1988 Graham Lee, Peter Kennard, Martin Tucker, Ide, Adrian Bingham, Peter Timmerman, Colin Bloxsom, Barry Turnbull, Mark Dawson, Margaret Labi, Wayne Connolly, Vincent Sheehan, Michael Armiger
John Kennedy's Sweet Dreams 1986 Barry Turnbull, Cory Messenger
The Rock Party 1986
John Kennedy and The Honeymooners 1990-
John Kennedy's '68 Comeback Special 2003-

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