The Kevins

Melbourne 1978-1983



And So We Meet                    1979    2

Single    AUS   Missing Link

Club of Rome                      1982   ??   Produced by Martin Armiger

Mini-LP   AUS   White

Ululation (Here It Comes Again)   1983    2   Produced by Martin Armiger

Single    AUS


Davis Michael (d) 1978-1982 Deckchairs Overboard, Azlan, Government Drums, Tooteville, Blowout, Kerri Simpson and Veve
Ford Sally (sax) 1978-1983 Flying Tackle, High Rise Bombers, The Escalators, The Black Sorrows, Washington Wives, Kenny Lopez Sex Mambo
Harkin Anne (v,g) 1978-1983 Flying Tackle
Hicks David (d) 1982-1983 Spike, Millionaires, Wildlife, Good Questions, The Jivers, Acme Swing Co, The Pins, True Brothers, Simon and The Likeables, Step By Step, Blue Healers, Spectum, Priscilla's Nightmare
Leeson Steve (b,bv) 1978-1983 Toads, Millionaires, Offbeats
Smith Nick (v,g) 1978-1983

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