Russell Kilbey



with Steve Kilbey:
Gilt Trip   1997    9

CD   AUS   Vicious Sloth VSC004


Atlas Strings       cdep   Atlas Strings       1994
Jack Frost          cd     Snow Job            1995
Turkey Neck Lasso   cd     Turkey Neck Lasso   1996

Session musician

Steve Kilbey       lp   Unearthed              1987
Stephen Cummings   cd   Falling Swinger        1994
Jack Frost         cd   Snow Job               1995
Kev Carmody        cd   Images And Illusions   1996


Crystal Set 1984-1988,1989-
Floyd Vincent and The Childbrides 1988
Hobgoblin Sextet 1989 Luke Blackburn, David Branson, James Hurst, Helen Mountfort, John Phillips, David Thrussel
Warp Factor 9 1993
Turkey Neck Lasso 1995-1996

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