The Killjoys

Melbourne 1988-present



Audrey                 1989    5   Produced by The Killjoys and Peter Jackson

Mini-LP     AUS   Audrey

Mini-MC     AUS   Audrey

Ruby                   1990   11   Produced by Mark Woods and The Killjoys

CD          AUS   Audrey

Spin                   1991    4   Produced by Tony Espie

CD-EP       AUS   MXL

A Million Suns         1993   13   Produced by Craig Leon

CD          AUS   Mushroom D31274
            EUR   (issued 1994, added "Differently")

Come Around            1996    3   Produced by Chris Dickie and The Killjoys

CD-Single   AUS   Furball

Stupid Waste           1996    3   Produced by Chris Dickie and Andrew Lethborg

CD-Single   AUS   Furball

Sun Bright Deep        1998   13   Produced by The Killjoys and Victor Van Vugt

CD          AUS   Festival

Contribution to album

Used And Recovered By   1990
Earth Music             1994
Right Here              1996


Aspinall Gary (g,mand,org) 1995-present The Odolites, The Somerfields, The Blackjacks
Burley Anna (v,g) 1988-present Wild Science
Craigie-Smith Jeremy (b) 1988-1990 ---
Folley David (d,perc) 1995-present This Happy Greed, The Somerfields, The Blackjacks
Hohnen Michael (b) 1991- The Blackjacks
Larsen Will (d) 1988- Michael Angelo and The Ceiling
Nelson David (b,bv) 1996-present ---
Palamaras Daniel (b) 1990-1991 Michael Angelo and The Ceiling
Pilkington Craig (g,trump,harmonium) 1988-present Wild Science, The Blackjacks, Little Murders
Schwerkolt Caroline (vibratone) 1988- ---

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