Kings Of The Sun

Melbourne 1983-1984
Sydney 1986-1994



Bottom Of My Heart    1986    2   Produced by David Kershenbaum and Kings Of The Sun

Single   AUS   Mushroom K-28

Kings Of The Sun      1988   11   Produced by Eddie Kramer

CD       AUS   Mushroom D19515 (1 bonus track)
         AUS   Mushroom MUSH32203.2

LP       AUS   Mushroom
         USA   RCA 6826-1-R

Full Frontal Attack   1990   12   Produced by William Wittman

CD       AUS   Mushroom TVD93325 (RMD53325)
         AUS   Mushroom MUSH32205.2
         GER   RCA PD90470

LP       AUS   Mushroom
         GER   RCA PL90470

MC       GER   RCA PK90470

Resurrection          1993   12   Produced by Kings Of The Sun

CD       AUS   Mushroom D30888


Hoad Clifford (d) 1983-1984,1986-1994 Ratpack, Young Lions
Hoad Jeffrey (v,g) 1983-1984,1986-1994 Young Lions
Morris Glen (g) 1988-1994 The Screaming Tribesmen, Bloodshot, Monk
Ragg Anthony (b) 1983-1984,1986-1993 The Ballistics, Steve Lucas and The Groody Frenzy, Lucas, Sherine's X-Machine, Starworld
Spur Bradley (b) 1993-1994 ---
Thiessen Ron (g) 1986-1988 Uncanny X-Men

Sources of information: Markus Eltschinger
© Magnus Holmgren
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