Peter Koppes



as Peter Koppes:
When Reason Forbids - A Requiem   1987    3

EP      AUS   Session SREP 001

Manchild and Myth                 1988   13   Produced by Peter Koppes

CD      USA   Rykodisc 20046 (3 bonus tracks, "When Reason Forbids" EP)

LP      AUS   Session SRLP 002 (inner sleeve with lyrics)
        USA   Rykodisc RALP 0046 (foldout sleeve, clear vinyl)

From The Well                     1989   13

CD      USA   TV Toons TVT 2460

LP      USA   TV Toons TVT 2460

as Peter Koppes and The Well:
Iridescence                       1991    3

CD-EP   AUS   Phantom PHCD12-49

EP      AUS   Phantom PH12-49 (blue vinyl)

as The Well:
Water Rites                       1995   11

CD      AUS   Worldwater Music

as Peter Koppes:
Love Era / Irony                  1997   11

CD      AUS   Phantom (hidden track at -3.45)


Grimpen Mire   cds   Fortune's Song   1990

Session musician

Melodie            s     Love Can't Imagine             1984
Damien Lovelock    lp    It's a Wig Wig Wig Wig World   1988
Steve Kilbey       cd    Remindlessness                 1990
Mae Moore          cd    Bohemia                        1992
Margot Smith       cd    Sleeping With The Lion         1993
Stephen Cummings   cd    Escapist                       1996
Stephen Cummings   cds   Sometimes                      1996
Margot Smith       cd    Taste                          1998

Bands/Projects (Peter Koppes)

Limosine 197? Steve Kilbey, Nick Ward
The Church 1980-1992,1998-present
The Wigmen 1988 Damien Lovelock, Rick Grossman, Richard Ploog, Joe Latty
Peter Koppes and The Well 1990-1991
The Refo:mation 1996-1997

Members (Peter Koppes and The Well)

Koppes Peter (v,g) 1990-1991
Leone Jim (b,bv) 1990-1991 Mercy Killers, No Man's Land, Roddy Radalj and The Surfin' Caesars, Roddy Radalj Band, The Celibate Rifles, Grapefruit, New Monk, Angeldust
Ploog Richard (d) 1990-1991 The Name Droppers, The Brats, Exhibit A, The Church, The Beasts of Bourbon, Salamander Jim, Floyd Vincent and The Childbrides, The Wigmen, Deadly Hume, Funkicide
Smith Anthony (k,bv) 1990-1991 The Flowers, Icehouse, Flying Doctors, Matt Finish

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