Anita Lane



Dirty Sings EP       1988    4   Produced by Mick Harvey

EP          UK    Mute 12MUTE65
            ???   Restless/Mute 7 71436-2

Dirty Pearl          1993   10   Produced by Mick Harvey, Johannes Beck, Sven Röhrig, John Cafferty, Einstürzende Neubaten, Die Haut, Blixa Bargeld, Nick Cave and Birthday Party

CD          UK    Mute CDSTUMM 81 (includes Dirty Sings EP)

LP          UK    Mute STUMM 81

The World's A Girl   1995    3   Produced by Mick Harvey

CD-Single   UK    Mute MUTE 177

Single      UK    Mute MUTE 177 (clear vinyl, limited edition of 1000)

with Gudrun Gut:
Yadi Yadi            1995    4

CD-Single   GER   Intercord INT 825.424

Single      GER   Intercord

Yadi Yadi Remixes    1995    4

CD-Single   GER   Intercord INT 825.435

Maxi        GER   Intercord

Single      GER   Intercord

Firething            1996

CD-Single   GER   Intercord

Session musician

Die Haut                                   lp   Headless Body In Topless Bar   1988
Nick Cave, Blixa Bargeld and Mick Harvey   lp   Ghosts... Of The Civil Dead    1989
Barry Adamson                              lp   Moss Side Story                1989
Barry Adamson                              cd   Delusion (Soundtrack)          1991
Die Haut                                   cd   Head On                        1992
Einsturzende Neubauten                     cd   Tabula Rasa                    1993
Mick Harvey                                cd   Intoxicated Man                1995
Gudrun Gut                                 cd   Members Of The Ocean Club      1996
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds                cd   Murder Ballads                 1996
Mick Harvey                                cd   Pink Elephants                 1997


Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds 1984-1985

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