The Laughing Clowns

Sydney 1979-1982,1983-1984



The Laughing Clowns                          1980    6   Produced by Ed Kuepper

Mini-LP   AUS   Missing Link MCB-001

Sometimes, The Fire Dance                    1981

EP        AUS   Prince Melon PM-01

Laughing Clowns 3                            1981

Mini-LP   AUS   Prince Melon PM-05

Reign Of Terror/Throne Of Blood              1981

LP        AUS   Prince Melon PM-2000

Mr Uddich Schmuddich Goes To Town            1982    7

Mini-LP   AUS   Prince Melon PM-5000

Everything That Flies...                     1983    4

EP        AUS   Prince Melon PM-03012 (Peel Sessions)

Laughter Around The Table                    1983

LP        UK    Red Flame RF 23

Law Of Nature                                1984   10   Produced by Ed Kuepper

CD        AUS   Hot Records CDHOT 1004 (issued 1992)

LP        AUS   Hot Records HOT 1004
          UK    Hot/Carter HOT 1004 (issued 1986?)

MC        AUS   Hot Records HOTT 1004

The History Of Rock'n'Roll Volume 1          1984   10   Produced by Ed Kuepper and The Laughing Clowns

CD        AUS   Hot Records CDHOT 1010 (issued 1992)

LP        AUS   Hot Records HOT 1010
          UK    Hot/Carter HOT 1010 (issued 1986?)

Ghosts Of An Ideal Wife                      1985    9

CD        AUS   Hot Records CDHOT 1013 (issued 1993)

LP        AUS   Hot Records HOT 1013
          AUS   Hot Records HOT 1013 (re-issue 1993)
          UK    Hot/Carter HOT 1013 (issued 1986?)

Golden Days (When Giants Walked The Earth)   1995   10

CD        AUS   Hot Records CDHOT 1055


Abrahams Chris (p) -1983
Doyle Peter (trump) 1981-1983 The East End Butchers, The Loop Orchestra
Elliot Louise (sax,flute) 1981-1982,1983-1984 The Layabouts, Jay and The Cockroaches, The Saints, Tap Dance, James Griffin and The Subterraneans, Kings Of The World
Farrel Bob (sax) 1979-1981 ---
Kuepper Ed (v,g,banjo) 1979-1982,1983-1984
Miller Leslie (b) 1981-1983 ---
Smith Paul (b) 1983-1984 Tap Dance, Ed Kuepper Band, The Yard Goes On
Wallace-Crabbe Ben (b) 1979-1981 Love, Upside Down House
Wallace-Crabbe Dan (p) 1980-1981 Love, Crime and The City Solution, Ruby My Dear, Silk and The Slatterns, Blow
Milton Walsh Peter (b) 1983 The Apartments, The Go-Betweens, Out Of Nowhere, Colors (USA)
Wegener Jeffrey (d) 1979-1982,1983-1984 Streetlife, Last Words, Out Of Nowhere, The Birthday Party, The Saints, The Young Charlatans, Immortal Souls
Weinzieri John (b) 1982 ---

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