Nick Launay



The Birthday Party            s       Release The Bats               1981
Midnight Oil                  lp      10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1           1982
Models                        lp      The Pleasure Of Your Company   1983
The Church                    lp      Seance                         1983
INXS                          lp      The Swing                      1984
Midnight Oil                  lp      Red Sails In The Sunset        1984
Models                        lp      Out Of Mind Out Of Sight       1985
Tim Finn                      lp      Big Canoe                      1986
Midnight Oil                  lp      Diesel And Dust                1987
Big Pig                       lp      Bonk                           1988
Kate Ceberano                 lp      Brave                          1989
Icehouse                      cd      Code Blue                      1990
Jenny Morris                  cd      Honeychild                     1991
Midnight Oil                  cd      Earth and Sun and Moon         1993
For Squirrels                 cd      Example                        1995
Fuzz Face                     cdep    Fuzz Face                      1996
Silverchair                   cd      Freakshow                      1997
Girls Against Boys            cd      Freakonica                     1998
Various                       cd      Idiot Box (Soundtrack)         1998
Silverchair                   cd      Neon Ballroom                  1999 
The Living End                cd      Roll On                        2000
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds   cd      Nocturama                      2003
The Living End                cd      State of Emergency             2006
Grinderman                    cd      ?                              2007
Silverchair                   cd      Young Modern                   2007
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds   cd      Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!          2008

Automatic            cd      Transmitter
The Slits            cds     Earthbeat
Talking Heads        cd      Sand In The Vaseline
David Byrne          cd      Uh-Oh
The Posies           cd      Amazing Disgrace
Gang Of Four         ep      To Hell With Poverty
Public Image Ltd     lp      Flowers Of Romance
Killing Joke         lp      What's This For
Killing Joke         s       Follow The Leaders
Primary              cd
Semisonic            cd      Feeling Strangely Fine
Callahan             cd
Earth To Andy        cd
Silverchair          track   Blind
Silverchair          track   Untitled


Fuzz Face 1996

Sources of information: Lisa Brunn, Worlds End, Launay Homepage
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