Chong Lim



Chong Lim Band:
Dancing With The Stars



Lisa Edwards                       track   Do You Hear What I Hear?   1993
Venetta Fields and Lindsay Field   track   Mary's Boy Child           1993
Christine Anu                      track   Mary's Boy Child           1996
Deni Hines                         track   This Christmas             1996
Vanessa Amorosi                    track   Home For Christmas         1999
Olivia Newton-John                 track   The First Noel             1999
John Farnham                       track   Small One                  1999

Session musician

Mental As Anything           lp      Cyclone Raymond                  1989
Steve Hoy                    cd      Life Next Door                   1990
Russell Morris               cd      A Thousand Suns                  1991
Merril Bainbridge            cd      The Garden                       1995
Various                      cd      The Spirit of Christmas 1996     1996
Farnham/Newton-John/Warlow   cd      Highlights From The Main Event   1998
Various                      cd      The Spirit of Christmas 1999     1999

Olivia Newton-John
Tina Arena
Boz Scaggs
Jermaine Jackson
Deni Hines
Marina Prior
Rick Price
Christine Anu


Gospel Jubilee 1986 Venetta Fields, Joanne Campbell, Joe Creighton, Shirlie Mathews, Fellon Williams
Yu-En 1986 Joanne Campbell, Russell Coleman, Joe Creighton, Venetta Fields, Ross Hannaford, David Hirschfelder, Shirley Matthews, Derek Pellici
Rattling Sabres 1986- Leyton Greening, Lindsay Hodgson, John Lee, Bruce Nightingale, Robert Price, Kerryn Tolhurst
John Farnham Band 1993-
Russell Morris Band 1994-

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