Lime Spiders

Sydney 1979-1985,1986-1992,1997,2002



25th Hour                   1983    4   Produced by Rob Younger

Double-Single   AUS   Green Records BTS972

Slave Girl                  1984    2   Produced by Tom Misner and Lime Spiders

Single          AUS   Citadel CIT008

Slave Girl                  1985    6

Mini-LP         AUS   Big Time BTA002
                FRA   Closer CL0034
                ???   Hybrid RIB 1

Out Of Control              1985    2   Produced by Rob Younger

Single          AUS   Citadel CIT015

Weirdo Libido               1986    2   Produced by Cameron Allan

Single          AUS   Virgin VOZ012

Maxi-Single     AUS   Virgin VOZ012/12 (4 bonus live-tracks, issued 1987)

The Cave Comes Alive        1987   12   Produced by David Price

CD              AUS   Virgin VOZ 2006
                UK    Virgin CDV 2457

LP              AUS   Virgin VOZ 2006
                UK    Virgin VOZ 2006/VP 2457 (picture disc)

MC              AUS   Virgin VOZ 2006

Jessica (New Version)       1987    2   Produced by Peter Blyton

Single          AUS   Virgin VOZ023

Maxi-Single     AUS   Virgin VOZT023 (1 extra track)

Lime Spiders EP             1988    4

EP              AUS   Virgin VOZT049

Headcleaner                 1988   16

LP              AUS   Virgin VOZ 2012 (issued 1989)

MC              AUS   Virgin HC 1

Volatile                    1988   12   Produced by Peter Blyton

CD              AUS   Virgin (3 bonus tracks)
                UK    Virgin CDV 2534 (3 bonus tracks)

LP              AUS   Virgin VOZ 2015

Beethovens Fist             1990   10   Produced by Kevin Shirley

CD              AUS   Virgin
                UK    Fun After All CDAFTER 7

LP              AUS   Virgin
                UK    Fun After All AFTER 7 (Made in France)

Blood Sugar Sex Lawson      1992    6

CD-EP           AUS   Virgin

Nine Miles High 1983-1990   2002   26

CD              AUS   Raven RVCD-144

Live At The Esplanade       2007

CD              AUS   Figtree FT102


Bambach Tony (b,bv,p) 1983-1985,1986-1988,1997,2002 Most, Wipeouts, Adolphus, The Link
Blood Mick (v) 1979-1985,1986-1992,1997,2002 Mick Blood and The Pushtwangers, The Fram
Cleary Jeff (d) 1981-1982 ---
Corben Gerard (g) 1984-1985,1986-1992,1997,2002 The Things, Most, Adolphus, The Sparklers, Perfect Cousins, The Cruel Sea
Couvret Michael (b) 1988 Celibate Rifles, Mushroom Planet, Erogenous Tones, Playful Kittens, Ed Kuepper Band, The Apartments, Damien Lovelock's Wigworld, The Aints, Steve Lucas and A.R.M.
Gilbert Warwick (b) 1982 Radio Birdman, The Hitmen, New Race, The Rats, Flathead, Raouls
Grothe Eric (g) 1979 ---
Guest Dave (b) 1981-1982 ---
Hall Phil (b) 1988-1992 Socket Set, Sardine v, Drop Bears, The Joeys, Curious (Yellow), Roddy Rayda and The Surfin' Caesars, Grapefruit
Jakimyszyn Richard (g) 1981-1984,1985 The New Christs, The Hitmen, Johnny Kannis Band, The Warm Jets
Lawson Richard (d,perc,bv) 1983-1985,1986-1992,1997 The Things, The Most, Grooveyard, Adolphus, The Warm Jets, Headmist, Purple Hearts, Safety as a Science, Kcrunch, Fig Tree Renaissance, Tangent
Mann Brian (g) 1992 Girlies, Wildcats, Headstones, The Screaming Tribesmen, Kcrunch, Fig Tree Renaissance, Love Me
Mason Luke (d) 1992 ---
Mather Darryl (g) 1979-1982 The Someloves, Orange Humble Band
Murphy Peter (g) 1992 ---
Rawles Steve (d) 1982 Room 101
Shepherd Murray (d) 2002 The Aliens, The Phantom Agents, The Fun Things, Screaming Tribesmen, The Myth, The Four Horsemen, Hydrosaurus, Harpoon, The Monarchs
Sparks Dave (g) 1997,2002 ---
Tatham Bruce (p) 1982 Merry Pranksters, Decline of The Reptiles
Wilkinson Mark (g) 1988-1990 Strange Glory, The Girlies, Raggedy Man, The New Christs

Sources of information: Divine Rites, Vincent Simonetti, Lime Spiders Homepage
© Magnus Holmgren
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