The Little Heroes

Melbourne 1980-1984



She Says            1980    2

Single   AUS   L'il

The Little Heroes   1981

LP       AUS   Giant

Play By Numbers     1982

LP       AUS   EMI

Watch The World     1983   10   Produced by Rupert Hine

LP       AUS   EMI
         USA   Capitol ST-12303


Bell Paul (g,bv) 1983-1984 Makano
Brickhill Paul (k,bv) 1982-1984 Meo 245, The Glory Boys
Crosbie David (k) 1980-1982 ---
Fisher Martin (k) 1982 Swanee, Breakers, Innocents, Dear Enemy, Cheetah, The Gang Bang
Hart Roger (v,g) 1980-1984 Cruisers, Secret Police, Brass Sanction, James Griffin and The Shadow Gang
Leslie Peter (b) 1982 Dear Enemy
Loriot Rick (b) 1982-1983 Inserts
Pumpa Bruce (d) 1980 Secret Police, Do 4 U
Robertson Alan (d,perc) 1981-1983 Lovers, Camras in Paris
Tavasz Anthony (b,syn) 1983-1984 Guided Tour, Danger Dancer, The Neons, Modesty, An Affair, Makano
Taylor John (b,bv) 1980-1982 Hot Rocket, Uncle Bob's Band, Phones, Secret Police, Routinos
Treloar Huk (d) 1980-1981 Bleeding Hearts, Blackfeather, Cruisers, Hot Club, Sneakers, Paul Kelly and The Dots, Young Homebuyers, Living Legends

Sources of information: John Taylor
© Magnus Holmgren
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