The Living End

Melbourne 1994-present



Hellbound                                 1995    8   Produced by The Living End

Mini-CD     AUS   MDS (limited edition of 500 with bonus track "Do What I Do")

It's For Your Own Good                    1996    6   Produced by Lindsay Gravina, Mike Alonso and The Living End

Mini-CD     AUS   Rapido/MDS
            AUS   EMI 3379342 (re-issue 2005)

The Living End                            1998   14   Produced by Lindsay Gravina and The Living End

CD          AUS   Modular/EMI MODCD001
            JAP   (bonustrack "Mr Businessman")
            USA   (issued 1999, different tracks, missing "Sleep On It" added "Strange")

LP          AUS   Modular/EMI

MC          AUS   Modular/EMI

Hellbound/It's For Your Own Good          1998   14

Double-CD   AUS   EMI 3406982 (issued 2005)
            USA   Reprise 9 47032-2

Roll On                                   2000   14   Produced by Nick Launay

CD          AUS   EMI
            JAP   (bonustracks "Living In Sin" and "Witchdoctor")
            USA   Reprise 9 48063-2 (issued 2001, bonus track "Prisoner Of Society - Live" + cdrom videos)

LP          AUS   EMI

Modern ARTillery                          2003   14   Produced by Mark Trombino

CD          AUS   EMI 72435 95006 07 (limited edition with bonus 6-track DVD)

LP          AUS   (limited edition of 1000)

From Here On In - The Singles 1997-2004   2004   14

CD          AUS   Capitol 8745042
            AUS   Capitol 8745032 (limited edition with bonus 6-track CD "Under The Covers")

State of Emergency                        2006   14   Produced by Nick Launay

CD          AUS   Capitol
            AUS   Capitol 3 53352 2 (limited edition with bonus DVD)
            USA   EMI EMDI352985.2
            USA   EMI EMDI353352.2 (limited edition with bonus DVD)

Live at Festival Hall                     2006   20

CD/DVD      AUS   Capitol 3 75465 9

White Noise                               2008   11   Produced by John Agnello

CD          AUS   DEW900076

Contribution to album

Chainspotting                         1998
Triple J - Lust For Live              1999
UnDone - The Songs of Duran Duran     1999
Triple J - Five Alive                 1999
Recovery - Ready For Transmission     1999
Triple J - Live and Unleashed         2001
Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge 2   2001
Cold - Live At The Chapel Vol. 2      2001
Stoneage Cameos                       2005
Standing On The Outside               2007

Session musicians

Kasey Chambers   cd   Barricades And Brickwalls   2001
Jimmy Barnes     cd   Double Happiness            2005


Cheney Chris (v,g) 1994-present The Runaway Boys, The Wrights
Demsey Travis (d) 1996-2002 The Knockout Drops
Owen Scott (b,bv) 1994-present The Runaway Boys
Piripitzi Joe (d) 1994-1996 The Runaway Boys
Strachan Andy (d) 2002-present Pollyanna, P76

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