Mal Logan



Renee Geyer and Glenn Shorrock   s    Goin' Back   1983
Renee Geyer                      lp   Renee Live   1983
John Schumann                    lp   Looby Loo    1989

Session musician

Home                lp   Home - At Last!                 1973
The Dingoes         lp   The Dingoes                     1974
Phil Manning        lp   I Wish There Was A Way          1974
Renee Geyer         lp   It's A Man's Man's World        1974
Jim Keays           lp   The Boy From The Stars          1974
The Moir Sisters    lp   Lost Somewhere Beyond Harmony   1975
Johnny Chester      lp   GM                              1975
Renee Geyer         lp   Ready To Deal                   1975
Little River Band   lp   Sleeper Catcher                 1978
The Ferrets         lp   Fame At Any Price               1978
Renee Geyer         lp   Blues Licence                   1979
John Farnham        lp   Uncovered                       1980
Australian Crawl    lp   The Boys Light Up               1980
Normie Rowe         lp   Out Of The Blue                 1983
Goanna              lp   Oceania                         1985
John Schumann       lp   Etched In Blue                  1987
Jimmy Barnes        cd   Soul Deep                       1991
Broderick Smith     cd   Suitcase                        1992


Larry's Rebels (NZL) 1969-1970 Glyn Mason, Viv McCarthy, Larry Morris, Terry Rouse, Nooky Stott, John Williams
Bakery 1970 Rex Bullen, John Worrall, Mark Verschuer, Tom Davidson, Peter Walker
Healing Force 1970-1973 Mal Capewell, Gus Fenwick, Ray Findlay, Lindsay Neal, Lawrie Prior, John Pugh, Joe Tattersal, Charles Tumahai, Lindsay Wells
Carson 1971-1973,199?
Alta Mira 1973 Tony Lunt, Tim Piper, Charlie Tumahai
The Dingoes 1973
Renee Geyer Band 1975,1988,1991
Amigos 1978 Greg Lawrie
Barrie McAskill's God Warriors and Amazons 1978 Ross Hannaford, Barrie McAskill, Roger McLachlan, Geoff Spooner
Mike Rudd's Instant Replay 1978 Keith Elliot, Paul Grant, Manny Paterakis, Bill Putt, Mike Rudd, Tony Slavich
The Cosy Connection 1980 Larry Cozy, Virgil Donati, Matt Kirsh, Barry Sullivan
Little River Band 1980-1981
Goanna 1984
John Schumann Band 1987
Burwood Blues Band 1988 Gary Clarke, Kevin Murphy, Manny Paterakis, Bill Putt, Mike Rudd
Eastick-Emmanuel Band 1989
The Party Boys 1989
Broderick Smith Band 1990

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