Kirk Lorange



with Dwight Druick:
Druick & Lorange   1974   ??   Produced by Marty Lewis

LP   UK    EAR

No Apostrophe      1983   ??   Produced by Kirk Lorange and Michael Stavrou


Contribution to album

Highway One (Soundtrack)   1976

Session musician

M Harrison           lp    RR                                1975
Kevin Johnson        lp    Man of the 20th Century           1976
Richard Clapton      lp    Main Street Jive                  1976
Graeme Connors       lp    AWMC                              1976
Marcia Hines         lp    Hines                             1977
Doug Ashdown         lp    Trees                             1977
Richard Clapton      lp    Goodbye Tiger                     1977
Kevin Johnson        lp    Journeys                          1978
Robyn Archer         lp    Rough as Guts                     1980
Kevin Johnson        lp    Night Rider                       1980
Carol Lloyd          lp    Take It Or Leave It               1980
Mike McClellan       lp    Laughing In The Dark              1980
Ian Tofter           s     Scarborough Sunset                1981
J Ashcroft           lp    AFTC                              1981
Marc Hunter          lp    Big City Talk                     1981
S Gallagher          lp    ON                                1981
Dan Johnson          lp                                      1982
Swanee               lp    This Time It's Different          1982
Reels                lp    Beautiful                         1982
Richard Clapton      lp    The Great Escape                  1982
Doug Ashdown         lp    World For The Right Kind Of Man   1983
Jonathon Coleman     mlp   Polka Project                     1984
S Williams           lp                                      1984
Marc Hunter          lp    Communication                     1984
D Byrne              lp    TP                                1985
Renee Geyer          lp    Sing To Me                        1985
Kevin Johnson        lp    Spirit Of The Time                1985
Soundtrack           lp    Queen of the Road                 1985
A Caswell            lp    H                                 1987
Anne Kirkpatrick     lp    CBA                               1987
S Williams           lp    BCF                               1988
G Connors            lp    N                                 1988
J Hanlon             lp    SS                                1988
Johno's Blues Band   lp    DKTB                              1989
Mike McClellan       lp    Heartland                         1989
Tony John            lp    TWIL                              1989
Johno's Blues Band   lp                                      1989
Evelyn Bury          lp    DFTR                              1989
Mike and Zeph        lp
Richard Clapton      lp    The Best Years Of Our Lives       1989
Sharon O'Neill       cd    EOW                               1990
Shane Howard         cd    River                             1990
Helen Kay            s                                       1991
Club Hoy             cd    Thursday's Fortune                1991
The Kanes            cd                                      1992
Chris Kemp           cd    AHLM                              1993
Danny Timms          cd
Llewellyn Rae        cd                                      1995
Dave Reynolds        cd                                      1995
Gary John            cd                                      1996
Brielle              cd                                      1997
Angela Hayden        cd                                      1997
John Williamson      cd                                      1999
Andy Collins         cd                                      2002


Sleeping Dogs 1975 Doug Ashdown, Wayne Findlay, Doug Bligh, Greg Lyon, Kim Ryrie
Richard Clapton Band 1976-1978
Marc Hunter Band 198?
Glenn Shorrock Band 1983?
Wild Colonial Boys 1988 Angry Anderson, Kevin Bennett, Mick Cocks, Marc Hunter, Ian Lees, Alan Mansfield, Mark Meyer, Sharon O'Neill
Chasin' The Train 1988- Kevin Bennett, Marc Meyer, Ian Lees, James Cox
Six Amigos 1991 Kevin Bennett, James Cox, Doug Bligh, James Gillard, Marc Collins
The Blazing Salads 1993 Brian Cadd, Glenn Shorrock, Rex Goh, Mark Kennedy

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