The Loved Ones

Melbourne 1965-1967,1987



The Loved One            1966    2

Single   AUS   In

Everlovin' Man           1966    2

Single   AUS   In

Blueberry Hill           1966

EP       AUS   In

Sad Dark Eyes            1967    2

Single   AUS   In

A Love Like Ours         1967    2

Single   AUS   In

Love Song                1967    2

Single   AUS   In

Magic Box                1967   13

CD       AUS   Karussell/PolyGram 551 130-2 (issued 1995, 4 extra tracks)

LP       AUS   W&G
         AUS   Astor (re-issue 1975)
         AUS   Raven (re-issue 1985, 4 extra tracks)

Live on Blueberry Hill   1988

CD       AUS   Mushroom


Anderson Gavin (d) 1965-1967 Wild Cherries
Clyne Ian (org,p) 1965-1966 Red Onions Jazz Band, The Black Pearls, The Ram Jam Big Band, Excalibur, Levi Smith's Clefs, Chain
De Lacy Danny (g) 1967
Humphreys Gerry (v) 1965-1967,1987 Red Onions Jazz Band, Gerry and The Joy Band, died 2005.
Lovett Rob (g,b) 1965-1967,1987 Wild Cherries, The Virgil Brothers, The Fudds
Luscombe Peter (d) 1987
Lynch Kim (b) 1965-1967 Red Onions Jazz Band
Richardson Reg (org,p) 1966-1967,1987

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