Damien Lovelock



It's a Wig Wig Wig Wig World   1988   ??   Produced by Bruce Callaway

CD   AUS   Hot Records HOT 1056 (issued 1995, entitled "Damien Lovelock", 3 bonus tracks)

LP   AUS   Hot Records/Survival SRLP 05
     AUS   Hot Records HOT 1056 (re-issue 1995, entitled "Damien Lovelock", 3 bonus tracks)

Fishgrass                      1991   11

CD   AUS   Festival


Sardine v     s     Sabotage             1981
Craven Pops   ep    Pleasure             1990
Bughouse      mcd   Bughouse             1990
Craven Pops   ep    Spin The Bottle      1991
Bughouse      cd    Every Fool In Town   1991


Street Noise 197?
The Celibate Rifles 1981-present
No Dance 1983 Louis Tillett, Brett Myers, Bruce Callaway
The Wigmen 1988 Peter Koppes, Rick Grossman, Richard Ploog, Joe Latty
The Wigworld 1988 Bruce Callaway, Joe Latty, Jackie Orsazcsky, Hamish Stuart
Damien Lovelock's Wigworld 1989-1991

Members (Damien Lovelock's Wigworld)

Bowman Jim (g) 1990-1991 The Yard Goes On Forever, Floyd Vincent and The Childbrides, Curious (Yellow), The Wine Stained Cowboys
Bramley Clyde (b) 1987,1989 Streetlife, The Hitmen, The Other Side, New Race, The New Christs, Angie Pepper Band, Super K, Hoodoo Gurus, Naked Lunch, The Madisons
Couvret Michael (b) 1990-1991 The Celibate Rifles, Mushroom Planet, Erogenous Tones, Playful Kittens, Lime Spiders, Ed Kuepper Band, The Apartments, The Aints, Steve Lucas and A.R.M.
Fisher Nick (d) 1990-1991 Lighthouse Keepers, Wet Taxis, Paris Green, Ed Kuepper Band, The New Christs, Louis Tillett and His Cast of Aspersions, Bughouse
Larson Paul () 1987
Latty Joe (g) 1987-1989 Itchy Rats, The Wigmen, The Wigworld
Lovelock Damien (v) 1989-1991
Orsazcsky Jackie () 1988
Polnov Patrick (?) 1989 ---
Stuart Hamish (d) 1988-1989 Ayers Rock, Jimmy and The Boys, Rick Turk Band, Silver Studs, Pardon Me Boys, Marcia Hines Band, Renee Geyer Band, Jump Back Jack, The Wigworld, Easy Pieces, Midnight Shack, Hungarian Rap-Sadists, Margaret Urlich Band, The Catholics, The Reapers
Townsend Chris (k) 1990-1991 Crent, Kiss My Poodle's Donky, Monroe's Fur

Sources of information: Shadow Cabinet - Church Homepage, The Celibate Rifles Hot Records Homepage
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