Love Me

Sydney 1992-present



Britannia Hotel: Live 1   1995   10

MC       AUS

Love Me                   1996   13   Produced by Tim Rogers

CD       AUS   Hi-Gloss HIG010

Fuel                      1997   12   Produced by Daniel Denholm

CD       AUS   Hi-Gloss HIG018

Jubilee Park              1998   12   Produced by Tim Whitten

CD       AUS   Antfarm ANT008

Greedy Hen                2002   13   Produced by Love Me

CD       AUS   Love Me Music LMM-008

shared with Golden Rough:
Stacey                    ????    2

Single   AUS   Steady Cam Records SCAM9802

Contribution to album

I'm In Love...With That Song   1999
Mullet (soundtrack)


Brown Amanda (viol) 1997-1998
Boxhall Richard (g) 1999-present
Holmes Geoff (g) 1995 X, The Wildcat Tamers, Scattered Order, Yard Goes On Forever, The Guilts
King Madeleine (v,b) 1992-present The Honky-Tonk Raiders
Kristensen Tom (g) 1992-present
Mann Brian (g) 1994-1995 Girlies, Wildcats, Headstones, The Screaming Tribesmen, Kcrunch, Lime Spiders, Fig Tree Renaissance
Orwell Dave (pd st) 1995 Golden Rough
Pearson Mandy (v,d) 1992-present The Jackson Code, Pressed Meat and the Smallgoods
Turnbull Barry (b,g) 1994-1999 The Jackson Code

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