Lobby Loyde



George (The Guitar LP)    1971

LP       AUS   Festival
         AUS   Calender (re-issue 1973, entitled "Lobby Loyde")

Do You Believe in Magic   1975

Single   AUS   Bootleg

Obsecration               1976

LP       AUS   Rainbird

Live With Dubs            1979

LP       AUS   Mushroom

Contribution to album

Triple J - Archive Series 1975   2005


Buster Brown           lp    Something To Say             1974
Doll by Doll (UK)      s                                  1979
X                      lp    X-Aspirations                1980
The Sunnyboys          ep    The Sunnyboys                1980
Machinations           s     Average Inadequacy           1981
Machinations           mlp   Machinations                 1981
Kevin Borich           mlp   Shy Boys Shy Girls           1981
The Sunnyboys          lp    The Sunnyboys                1981
Flaming Hands          s     Wake Up Screaming            1981
The Tablewaiters       s     Between The Lines            1981
Sardine v              s     Sabotage                     1981
The Sunnyboys          lp    Individuals                  1982
Kevin Borich           s     Getting So Excited           1982
Models                 s     On                           1982
I Am Joe's Music       lp    I Am Joe's Music             1983
Gravity Pirates        mlp   This Way To The Cargo Cult   1983
Painters and Dockers   lp    Love Planet                  1984
Hoi Polloi                                                1984
Spectres Revenge       s     No Moon At Midnight          1985
The Arctic Circles     ep    Angel                        1985
The Shindiggers        mlp   Beat Is Back                 1985
Depression             lp    Australia Australia          1985
X                      lp    At Home With You             1985
Urban Tribe            s                                  1987
Large #12's            mlp   Dance The Demon Out          1988
Painters and Dockers   lp    Kiss My Art                  1988
X                      lp    And More                     1989
The Zimmermen          lp    Way Too Casual               1989

Session musician

Ronnie Charles                s
Jim Keays                     lp      Boy From The Stars            1974
Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs   lp      Steaming At The Opera House   1974
T. Blacknell                  lp                                    1974
Bobby Bright                  lp      Bobby Bright                  1975
Billy Thorpe                  track   Ooh Poo Pah Doo               1998


The Stilettos -1963
The Purple Hearts 1963-1967 Tony Cahill, Bob Dames, Mick Hadley, Fred Pickard, Adrian Redmond
The Wild Cherries 1967-1968,1971 Barry Harvey, Barry Sullivan, Matt Taylor, Johnny Dick, Teddy Toi
Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs 1968-1970
Gerry and The Joy Band 1972,1985 Gerry Humphries, Tony Cahill, Billy Green, Ian Mawson, Graeme Morgan, Warren Morgan, Jerry Noone, Brian Peacock, Bruce Woodcock
The Coloured Balls 1972-1974
Southern Electric/Sudden Electric 1974,1977,1979 Angry Anderson, Gavin Carroll, John Dey, Andrew Fordham, Gil Matthews, John Miglans, Mandu
Rose Tattoo 1979/1980
Dirt 1987,1990 Jex Byron, Tim Brosnan, Mick Holmes, Geordie Leach, Kel McAlpine, Trevor Young
Fish Tree Mother 1997- Graham Duncan, Peter Coomber, Bruce Aitken
died 2007.

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