Steve Lucas



Double Cross      1987

LP      AUS   Rampant

Bought and Sold   1989

LP      AUS   Rampant

Bread And Water   1995

CD      AUS   Mighty Boy

Steve Lucas and The Groody Frenzy:
All Too Human     1990

CD      AUS   Mighty Boy

Steve Lucas and A.R.M:
Blind Faith       1998



X 1977-1980,1983-1990
The Stand 1980 Peter Coutanche, Steve Cafiero
Harold Holt and The Sharks 1980-1981 Michael Orland, Ken Wylie
The Feel 1982 Peter Copeland, Chris Gormly
Lucas 1990 Barry Palmer, Anthony Ragg
Steve Lucas and The Groody Frenzy 1990
Whore 19??
Love And Squalor 1991 Steve Connolly, John Edwards, Archie Larizza, Xanthe
Bigger Than Jesus 1992-1993
X 1993-,2002-
Steve Lucas and A.R.M. 1998

Members (Steve Lucas and The Groody Frenzy)

Falconer Doug (d) 1990 The Jetsonnes, Hunters and Collectors
Lucas Steve (g,v) 1990
Mayhem Herbie (k) 1990 ---
Ragg Anthony (b) 1990 The Ballistics, Kings Of The Sun, Lucas, Sherine's X-Machine, Starworld

Members (Steve Lucas and A.R.M.)

Couvret Michael (b) 1998 The Celibate Rifles, Mushroom Planet, Erogenous Tones, Playful Kittens, Lime Spiders, Ed Kuepper Band, The Apartments, Damien Lovelock's Wigworld, The Aints
Lucas Steve (v,g) 1998
Welsh Chris (d) 1998 Nightwind, The 31st, The Screaming Tribesmen, Died Pretty, Settlement

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