Dan Luscombe



with Rob Snarski:
There Is Nothing Here That Belongs To You   2002   11   Produced by Dan Luscombe and Rob Snarski

CD   AUS   Quietly Suburban/Shock QSR013

Session musician

Various             cd      Mushroom 25 Live                        1998
Various             cd      RRRewind In The Chapel                  1998
Stephen Cummings    cd      Spiritual Bum                           1999
Stephen Cummings    track   It's All Over Now Baby Blue             2000
Stephen Cummings    track   Born In Time                            2000
The Beautiful Few   cd      Metal for Melbourne and Other Stories   2003
Ross Wilson         cd      Country and Wilson                      2003
Paul Kelly          2cd     Ways and Means                          2004
Paul Kelly          cd      Stolen Apples                           2007


The Blackeyed Susans 1994-present
Four Hours Sleep 1996
Paul Kelly Band 2002-present
Stardust Five 2005-

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