Peter Luscombe



The Black Sorrows   cd     Harley and Rose         1990
White Cross         s      How Deep Is The Ocean   1990
Paul Kelly          cdep   Roll on Summer          2000
Kutcha Edwards      cd     Cooinda                 2002

Session musician

The Black Sorrows     lp      A Place In The World       1985
Kids In The Kitchen   lp      Terrain                    1987
Stephen Cummings      lp      Lovetown                   1987
Tess McKenna          mlp     March                      1988
Stephen Cummings      lp      A New Kind Of Blue         1988
Ross Wilson           lp      Dark Side of The Man       1989
Steve Hoy             cd      Life Next Door             1990
Barefoot              cdep    Anchor                     1992
Chris Wilson          cd      Landlocked                 1992
Steve Grace           cd      Liberty Road               1992
Stephen Cummings      cd      Unguided Tour              1992
Shane Howard          cd      Time Will Tell             1993
Deborah Conway        cd      Bitch Epic                 1993
David McComb          cd      Love Of Will               1994
Joe Camilleri         track   Gypsy Queen                1994
Shane Howard          cd      Live                       1994
Kate Ceberano         cd      Kate Ceberano and Friends  1994
Paul Kelly            cd      Deeper Water               1995
Tiddas                cd      Tiddas                     1996
Paul Kelly            cdep    How To Make Gravy          1996
Paul Kelly            cd      Words and Music            1998
Dave Dobbyn           cd      The Islander               1998
Chris Wilson          cd      The Long Weekend           1998
The Black Sorrows     cd      Beat Club                  1998
Various               cd      Mushroom 25 Live           1998
Various               cd      RRRewind In The Chapel     1998
Deadstar              cd      Somewhere Over The Radio   1999
Lisa Miller           cd      As Far As A Life Goes      1999
Renee Geyer           cd      Sweet Life                 1999
Stephen Cummings      cd      Spiritual Bum              1999
Various               cd      The Woodstock Sessions     2000
Stephen Cummings      cd      Skeleton Key               2001
Kasey Chambers        cd      Barricades And Brickwalls  2001
Paul Kelly            cd      Nothing But A Dream        2001
Kutcha Edwards        cd      Cooinda                    2002
Archie Roach          cd      Sensual Being              2002
Stephen Cummings      cd      Firecracker                2003
Ross Wilson           cd      Country and Wilson         2003
Paul Kelly            2cd     Ways and Means             2004
Stephen Cummings      cd      Love-O-Meter               2005
Paul Kelly            cd      Stolen Apples              2007


Tinsley Waterhouse Band 1981
Stephen Cummings Band 1983
Blowout 1984 Jeremy Allsop, Paul Grabowsky, David Hirschfelder, Stephen Housden, Wayne Nelson
Stephen Cummings Band 1986
A Ring Of Truth 1986 Stephen Cummings, Rob Glover, Peter Laffy, Wilbur Wilde
The Black Sorrows 1987-1993
The Loved Ones 1987
Stephen Cummings' Lovetown 1988
Big Kahoonas 1990 Vika and Linda, Wayne Burt, Richard Sega
The Delta Revelators/The Revelators 1989-199?
Crown Of Thorns 1991-1992
Chris Wilson Band 1992
Vika Bull Band 1992
David McComb and The Red Ponies 1994
Rebeccas Empire 1994-present
Paul Kelly Band 1994-present
Christine Anu Band 1995
Four Hours Sleep 1996
Singers For The Red Black and Gold 1997
The Casuals 199?- Stephen Hadley, Bruce Haymes
Stephen Cummings Band 1999
Professor Ratbaggy 1999-
Stardust Five 2005-

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