Lachlan 'Magoo' Gould



Regurgitator                                    cd      Unit                   1997
Skunkhour                                       cd      Chin Chin              1997
Midnight Oil                                    cd      Redneck Wonderland     1998
Shihad                                          cdep    Blue Light Disco       1998
Custard                                         cd      Loverama               1999
The Cruel Sea & Native Ryme feat. Kev Carmody   track   Together               2001
Regurgitator                                    track   Stand In Line          2001
The Cruel Sea                                   cd      Where There's Smoke    2001
Not From There                                  cd      Latvian Lovers         2001
Jebediah                                        cd      Jebediah               2002
David McCormack and The Polaroids               cd      Candy                  2002
End of Fashion                                  cdep    Rough Diamonds         2004
David McCormack and The Polaroids               cd      The Truth About Love   2004

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