Nick Mainsbridge



The Triffids                       mlp    Raining Pleasure            1984
Decline Of The Reptiles            mlp    The Hammer Speaks           1985
Crash Politics                     mlp    A Taste Of Things To Come   1986
Tall Tales and True                ep     Up Our Street               1987
Mick Blood and The Pushtwangers    s      Third Season                1987
Bell Jar                           mlp    Beauty Was The Beast        1988
Tall Tales and True + Trilobites   ep     You Got Your Troubles       1988
Various                            lp     Youngblood                  1988
Ups and Downs                                                         1988
Trench Gashes                      lp     Draw The Short Straw        1988
Rabbit's Wedding                   mlp    Showtime                    1989
Tall Tales and True                lp     Shiver                      1989
Martha's Vineyard                  lp     Down Beach Road             1989
Big Home Orchestra                 mlp    Fairytale                   1989
Bell Jar                           s      Love Falls Like Rain        1989
The Pressmen                       s                                  1989
Bell Jar                           cd     Glass                       1990
Ratcat                             cdep   Tingles                     1990
Whippersnappers                                                       1991
Def FX                             cdep   Water                       1991
Ratcat                             cd     Blind Love                  1991
Def FX                             cdep   Blink                       1992
The Sharp                          cds    Love Your Head              1992
Hummingbirds                       cdep   Know My Mind                1992
Ratcat                             cd     Insideout                   1992
The Sharp                          cdep   Spinosity                   1992
The Sharp                          cd     This Is The Sharp           1993
The Sharp                          cd     Sonic Tripod                1994
Tall Tales and True                cd     Tilt                        1994
David McComb                       cd     Love Of Will                1994
Hunters and Collectors             cd     Demon Flower                1994
Max Sharam                         cd     ...A Million Year Girl      1995

Session musician

The Triffids   mlp   Raining Pleasure   1984

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