Marcus Hook Roll Band

London/Sydney 1972-1974



Natural Man                1972    2

Single   AUS   Regal Zonophone RZ-10043 (no PS)
         HOL   Regal Zonophone 5C 006-05222 (PS)
         UK    Regal Zonophone RZ 3061 (no PS)

Louisiana Lady             1973    2

Single   GER   BASF 05-19157-1 (PS)
         HOL   Regal Zonophone 5C 006-05260 (PS)
         POR   Stateside 8E 00605260 (PS, A-side and B-side have been switched making "Hoochie Coochie Har Kau" the single title)
         UK    Regal Zonophone RZ 3072 (no PS)
         USA   EMI 3560 (no PS)

Tales Of Old Grand-Daddy   1973   10   Produced by Wally Allen

CD       AUS   Albert 475611 2 (issued 1994, different cover, 12 tracks, added "Natural Man" and "Louisiana Lady")
         AUS   Albert 477046-2 (re-issue?)

LP       AUS   EMI EMA-2518
         UK    EMI (missing "Cry For Me", added "Louisiana Lady")
         USA   Capitol SN-11991 (issued 1981, entitled "Marcus Hook Roll Band", different cover, 1 extra track)

Full File                  1981   15

LP       AUS   EMI EMX.107


Vanda Harry (g) 1972-1974
Young George (g,p,b) 1972-1974

Campbell Ian (b) 1973 ---
Casey Howie (sax) 1974 ---
Proud John (d) 1974 Crystal Voyager Band, Crossfire, Leon Berger Band, Odyssey
Smith Freddie (d) 1973 ---
Young Alex (sax) 1973 ---
Young Angus (g) 1974 Kantuckee, Tantrum, AC/DC
Young Malcolm (g) 1974 Velvet Underground, AC/DC

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