Charles Marshall



Charles Marshall and The Body Electric:
Charles Marshall and The Body Electric   1994


I Don't Want It                          1995

CD      AUS

Session musician

Christopher Marshall   cd   Strange Waters, Small Mercies   1998


Harem Scarem 1982-1989
Peace Of Mind 1988
Cactus 1990 Greg Bainbridge, Sean Cousin, Elicia Garland, Adam Learner, Dave Moll
The Heavy Knights 1990 Tim Cluning, Lisa Garland, Dave Moll
Charles Marshall and The Body Electric 1990-

Members (Charles Marshall and The Body Electric)

Bartholomew Terry (d) 1990-1992 Stephen Cummings Band, Inner Sleeves, Trouble In Mind, Kerri Simpson Band, Ape The Cry, White Cross, Kerri Simpson Trio, Chocolate Cake, The Harlequins, Triple Peaks, The Victory Girls
Brunsdon Lindsay (g) 1990-1992 The Fergies, Hear Hear, Ku Klux Frankenstein, Pizza Sluts, Fire, Wet Ones
Ellis Warren (viol) 1993-
Heydon Matt (k) 1990-1992 Nick Barker and The Reptiles, Ton Up Pirates, The Dirty Strangers, Jimmy Barnes Band
Hooper Brian (b) 1993-
Marshall Charles (v,g) 1990-
Speed Stuart (b) 1990-1992 Kate Ceberano and Her Septet, The Jextet, Dianna Kiss, Kate Ceberano and Her Sextet, The Body Electric, Sexual Chocolate, Gospel Choir, Vika Bull Band, Los Bajinas, Priscilla's Nightmare
White Jim (d) 1993-

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