Martha's Vineyard

Perth 1986-1990



For A Small World   1987

Mini-LP   AUS   Monkey

Down Beach Road     1989   11   Produced by Nick Mainsbridge and Martha's Vineyard

CD        AUS   rooArt
          GER   rooArt 838 210-2 (issued 1990, entitled "Martha's Vineyard")

LP        AUS   rooArt
          GER   rooArt 838 210-1 (issued 1990, entitled "Martha's Vineyard")

MC        GER   rooArt 838 210-4 (issued 1990, entitled "Martha's Vineyard")

Shared with E.H. Trout:
Our Day             1986    2

Single    AUS   Lizard


Best Anthony (g,harm) 1986-1990 Hounds of Dilemma
D'Adhemar Aidan (d,perc) 1986-1987,1988-1989 Love Cats, Pigz Mite Polka
Elliott James (d) 1990 Dropbears, Heaven On Earth, Pigs, Sekret Sekret, Spectre's Revenge, Firm Grip, Just a Drummer, Red Ochre, The Cruel Sea, The Blackeyed Susans, Pressed Meat and The Smallgoods
Fenner Stuart (viol) 1987
Jooste Lisa (viol) 1986-1987 Deadly Nightshades
Kakulas Phil (b) 1989-1990 The Triffids, The Blackeyed Susans, Pressed Meat and The Smallgoods
McAuliffe Catherine (b) 1986-1987
Parkhill Norman (b) 1987-1989 Scream, Matinee Idols, Photoplay, Scant Regard, Bravo Tango
Van Zalm Peggy (v,g,harm) 1986-1990

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