Glyn Mason


Contribution to album

The Andrew Durant Memorial Concert   1980

Session musician

Mike Rudd and The Heaters   lp   Unrealist           1982
Brian Cadd                  lp   No Stone Unturned   1985


Roadrunner (NZL) 1964-1965
Bitter End (NZL) 196?
Jigsaw (NZL) 196?
Larry's Rebels (NZL) 1969-1970 Mal Logan, Viv McCarthy, Larry Morris, Terry Rouse, Nooky Stott, John Williams
Chain 1970,1972
Thunderclap Newman (UK)
Pilgrimage 1971
Copperwine 1972/1973
Home 1972-1975
Ariel 1975-1977
Richard Clapton Band 1977
Glyn Mason's Loose String Band 1977-1978 Vicki Doland, Ray Oliver, Michael Hegerty, Rick Puchala
The Stockley See Mason Band 1978-1980
Tour De Force -1983 Dave Stewart, Joe Imbrol
The Fabulous Zarsoff Brothers 1985 Peter Knox, Daryl McKenzie, Sam See
Baby Loves To Cha Cha 1987 John Arthur, Bradford Child, Brad John, Geoff Rosenberg, Alex Smith, Paul Westlake, David Wilson
Doc Span Blues Band 1988 Doc Span
Sons of Don Lane 1990 Harvey James

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