The Masters Apprentices

Adelaide/Melbourne 1965-1972,1988-1991,1994-



Undecided                           1966    2

Single      AUS   Astor A7071

Buried And Dead                     1967    2

Single      AUS   Astor A7075

Masters Apprentices                 1967   12

CD          AUS   Ascension (23 tracks, entitled "Complete Recordings 1965-1968")

LP          AUS   Astor
            AUS   Budget Summit (re-issue, different cover)

TAPE        AUS   Astor (Reel to Reel tape)

Living In A Child's Dream           1967    2

Single      AUS   Astor A7081
            NZL   Vault LSD.69

Masters Apprentices                 1967    4

EP          AUS   Astor AEP 4012

Elevator Driver                     1968    2

Single      AUS   Astor A7087

Masters Apprentices Vol. 2          1968    4

EP          AUS   Astor AEP 4059

Brigette                            1968    2

Single      AUS   Astor A7102

But One Day                         1968    2

Single      AUS   Astor A7126

Linda Linda                         1969    2

Single      AUS   EMI D08677

5:10 Man                            1969    2   Produced by Howard Gable

Single      AUS   EMI D08826

Think About Tomorrow Today          1969    2   Produced by Howard Gable

Single      AUS   EMI D08995

Masterpiece                         1970   12

CD          AUS   Ascension ANCD 005

LP          AUS   EMI
            AUS   (Record Club release, different cover)

Turn Up Your Radio                  1970    2   Produced by Howard Gable

Single      AUS   EMI D09104

Choice Cuts                         1971   11   Produced by Jeff Jarratt

CD          AUS   Raven (issued 1988, 1 bonus track "New Day")
            AUS   Ascension ANCD 006 (1 bonus track "New Day"?)

LP          AUS   EMI
            UK    Regal Zonophone (entitled "Masters Apprentices")

Nickelodeon                         1971    6   Produced by Howard Gable, Doug Ford and Jim Keays

CD          AUS   Ascension ANCD 007

LP          AUS   EMI

A Toast To Panama Red               1972    9   Produced by Jeff Jarratt

CD          AUS   Ascension ANCD 008

LP          AUS   EMI

Now That It's Over                  1974   14

CD          AUS   EMI 8320032

LP          AUS   EMI

Hands of Time                       1981   18

CD          AUS   Raven RVCD-13 (issued 1990, 24 tracks, added 7 tracks, missing "Burke and Wills and Me")

Double-LP   AUS   Raven RV-13

Jam It Up!                          1986   15

LP          AUS   Raven

The Very Best                       1988   15

CD          AUS   Virgin

LP          AUS   Virgin

Do What You Wanna Do                1988   12   Produced by Peter Blyton

CD          AUS   Virgin 432069-2

LP          AUS   Virgin 432069-1

Masters Apprentices/Masterpiece     1991   24

CD          GER   TRC 012

Greatest Hits                       1995   20

CD          AUS   EMI 8146362

Masters Apprentices/Choice Cuts     1996   25

Double-CD   AUS   EMI 72438 14806 25 (different tracklist for "Masters Apprentices")

Choice Cuts/A Toast to Panama Red   1998   19

CD          GER   Buy or Die BOD 111

From Mustangs To Masters...
First Year Apprentices 2004 21
CD AUS (limited edition of 500) Fully Qualified 2006 24 CD AUS with Hoodoo Gurus: Turn Up Your Radio 1995 3 Produced by Tony Cohen CD-Single AUS EMI

Contribution to album

Gimme Ted - The Ted Mulry Benefit Concerts   2003


Bower Mick (g) 1965-1967 The Mustangs, The Others
Burgess Colin (d) 1968-1972,1988-1991 The Untamed, The Honeybunch, The Haze, AC/DC, Mae West, Bombshell (UK), George Hatcher Band (UK), His Majesty, Motherlode, Blackboard Jungle
Day Tony (d) 1997 Broderick Smith Band, Girl Overboard
Farnan Peter (g,k) 1997 Urtle Urtle Urtle, Serious Young Insects, Sherine's X-Machine, The Masters Apprentices
Favaro John (b,bv) 1997 All Talk, The Fabs, Seperate Tables, Girl Overboard, Broderick Smith Band, Schizophrenics, The Badloves, Kutcha Edwards and Band
Faynes Roger (g,k) 1988-1991 Koo de Tah, Jumping Ship, Motherlode, Paperback Writers
Ford Doug (g,v) 1968-1972,1988-1991,1997 The Missing Links, RJSS, East of Eden, Motherlode
Harrison Rick (g) 1967 The Others, Cannery Row, Scott Tidd Movement
Hopgood Steve (d) 1966-1968 The Others, Fahrenheit 451, Marshall Mainline
Keays Jim (v,g) 1965-1972,1988-1991,1994-,1997
Matthews Wayne (b) 1989-1991 The Incredible Penguins, Mighty Fine Guys
Morrison Rick (g) 1965-1966 The Others, Hippo, Machine Gun Kelly's Rejects, Marshall Mainline, Jump Back Jack
Sommers Tony (g) 1966-1968 Tony Sommers and The Echoes, Johnny Young's Kompany, Procla/Proclamation
Tilbrook Peter (g,b) 1967-1968 The Sounds of Silence, The Bent Beaks, Paradise
Vaughton Brian (d) 1965-1966 The Mustangs, The Others
Webb Gavin (b) 1965-1968 The Mustangs
Wheatley Glenn (b) 1968-1972,1988-1989 South Town Moods, Bay City Union

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