Chris Masuak



as Chris Boy King and The Kamloops Swing:
Klondike             1987    4

EP        AUS   Rattlesnake RAT1204

as Klondike and The Kamloops Swing:
Cowboy Angel         1989    6

Mini-LP   AUS   Rattlesnake RAT1212

with Deniz Tek:
Let The Kids Dance   1999    2

Single    FRA   Undead


Surfside 6                s    Cool In The Tube           1980
Surfside 6                s    Can't You See The Sign     1981
The Screaming Tribesmen   s    Igloo                      1983
The Screaming Tribesmen   s    A Stand Alone              1984
The Hitmen                lp   Tora Tora DTK              1984
Grooveyard                s    Avalanche of Love          1984
Happy Hate Me Nots        s                               1985
The Screaming Tribesmen   ep   Date With A Vampire        1985
The Screaming Tribesmen   ep   Top Of The Town            1986
The Trilobites            s    American TV                1986
The Trilobites            s    Night Of Many Deaths       1987
The Screaming Tribesmen   lp   Bones and Flowers          1987
Four Horsemen             s    World To End All Wars      1987
Grooveyard                lp   Grooveyard                 1989
The Dubrovniks            lp   Dubrovnik Blues            1989
The Trilobites            lp   American TV                1989
The Terraplanes           lp   Toke                       1989
Hitmen D.T.K.             ep   U.E.L.A.                   1989
Roddy Radalj              cd   Lost, Lonely and Vicious   1990
Some Kind Of Justice      s    Permafrost                 1990
Hitmen D.T.K.             cd   Moronic Inferno            1991

Session musician

Johnny Kannis                         s      King Of The Surf/Under The Boardwalk               1978
James Griffin and The Subterraneans   s      No Surrender                                       1986
Johnny Kannis                         cds    King Of The Surf/Pushin' Too Hard                  1991
Deniz Tek                             cd     Take It To The Vertical                            1992
Deniz Tek                             cd     Outside                                            1994
The Deniz Tek Group                   cdep   4-4 The Number Of The Beat                         1995
Swoop                                 cdep   Everything I Do From Now On Is Going To Be Funky   199?


J.K. and The Can Openers 1974
The Jackals 1974-1975 Rubin Acosta, Steve Willman, Archie Archilles, Alf Azzopardi, Johnny Kannis
Radio Birdman 1975-1978,1995-1996,1997,2006
The Hitmen 1978-1984
Charley 1979 Richard Burgman
New Race 1981
The New Christs 1983-1984
The Screaming Tribesmen 1984-1989
Chris Boy King and The Kamloops Swing 1986
Johnny Kannis Band 1988
Klondike and The Kamloops Swing 1989
Roddy Rayda and The Surfin' Caesars 1989
Roddy Radalj Band 1989-
Hitmen D.T.K. 1989-1992
The Juke Savages of The Brazos 1991
Juke Savages 1992
Deniz Tek Band 1992-199?
The Raouls 199?-present Warwick Gilbert, Steven King
Klondike's North 40 2002-present Gye Bennetts

Members (Chris Boy King and The Kamloops Swing)

Hay Ivor (d) 1986 The Saints, The Hitmen, Angie Pepper Group, Wildlife Documentaries
Kannis Johnny (g) 1986
Masuak Chris (v,g) 1986
Somerville Phil (b) 1986 Miss B. Haven, The Hitmen, Coupe De Ville

Members (Klondike and The Kamloops Swing)

Fraser Warwick (d) 1989 Uncle Mills, Streetlife, Blackfeather, Feather, Smith, The Change, Never Ending, Hoi Polloi, Johnny Kannis Explosion, The Screaming Tribesmen, Flying Tigers, Johnny and The Reactors, Peter Wells Band, Oasis
Masuak Chris (v,g) 1989
Wackley Bob (b) 1989 Crossroads, Razar, The Buddies, Grooveyard, The Screaming Tribesmen, Johnny Kannis Band, Roddy Radalj and The Surfin' Caesars

Sources of information: Radio Birdman Discography by Henry Weld - Version 10.4 7/12/1997, Divine Rites
© Magnus Holmgren
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