Matt Finish

Sydney 1979-1981,1983-1985,1990-2003,2006-



Short Note             1981   10   Produced by Peter Dawkins

CD          AUS   Giant 465510 2

LP          AUS   Giant 01

MC          AUS   Giant C01

Fade Away              1981    5

Mini-LP     AUS   Giant EP01

Matt Finish            1983    3   Produced by Matt Finish and Colin Freeman

EP          AUS   CBS BA 12056

Word Of Mouth          1984   10

LP          AUS   CBS SBP237999

MC          AUS   CBS PC 7999

One Day At A Time      1992    2   Produced by Peter Blyton

CD-Single   AUS   Mushroom D11126

By Heart               1993   10

CD          AUS   BMG 74321158022

Will I Ever Know       1994    3

CD-Single   AUS   BMG 74321201762

Just A Short Note      2001   14

CD          AUS

1978-2008              2008

CD          AUS


Adams David (v,g) 2008
Barrett Jennifer (g) 1991 Matt Moffitt and Blue Max
Brus Harry (b,v) 2008
Calderazzo Joseph (g) 2001- Jeff Duff Band, Akradia
Cannon Adrian (d) 1993
Cannon Rohan (g,bv) 1993
Clayton Jeff (g,bv,b) 1979-1981,1983-1985 Rockets (NZ)
Dawkins Paul (k) 1993
Dorset Bertie (g) 1979-1981,1983 ---
Grech Wayne (d) 2001- Jeff Duff Band, iNsuRge
Grossman Rick (b) 1979-1981,2001-
Ironside Doug (g) 1984 ---
Jehan Lindsay (b) 1991 Eurogliders, Richard Clapton Band, One Franc, Kontrol, Shauna Jensen Band, Raging Waters, Jenny Morris Band, The Soul Committments, Guy Le Claire Band, David Adams and The Mojave Blow, Skunk
Le Claire Guy (g) 1991 Le Claire Quartet, The Tribe, Ega Ninjas, Raging Waters, Them Or Us, Hip Hop, Eurogliders, Ian Moss Band, Groove City, One Franc, Kez, Play Diem, Resolution, Guy Le Claire Band, David Adams and The Mojave Blow
Marr Geoff (b,bv) 1996-1998 Swanee, Dynamo Humm, Kashmir, The People In The Street, Mr Walker, the Maze, Surgery, HammerSmith, On Maarz
Moffitt Matt (v,g) 1979-1981,1983-1985,1990-,2001-2003
Muhoberac Parrish (g,v) 2008
Nelson Russell (g) 1983 Neil Murray and The Rainmakers
Prior John (d) 1979-1981,1983-1985,1990-,2008 Red Not Blue, Matt Moffitt Band, Getaway Plane, One Franc, Stephanie Howell Band, Guy Le Claire Band, Bob Armstrong and The Navigators
Raggett Chris (g) 19?? Delaney Venn, Neon Hearts
Reynolds Eliot (g) 1993-1994 Sideshow Annie
Seymour Paul (g) 19?? Peace By Piece
White Glen (g) 1979-1981 The Riffs, The Jazz Monkeys, The Revenge, Skinny Jims

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