Wendy Matthews



Dare To Be Told                 19??

Single   AUS   ABC

Emigré                          1990   11   Produced by Ricky Fataar

CD       AUS   rooArt 846 649-2
         ???   rooArt 9031-77655-2

Live - The Way It Has To Be     1991    9

CD       AUS   rooArt

Lily                            1992   11   Produced by T Bone Burnett and Hugh Jones

CD       AUS   rooArt
         CAN   (includes french version of "The Day You Went Away")
         GER   rooArt 4509-90547-2
         ???   rooArt (special edition with 6 track bonus disc)

MC       AUS   rooArt

The Witness Tree                1994   13   Produced by Booker T Jones, Tim Finn and Daniel Denholm

CD       AUS   rooArt/BMG 74321444152

MC       AUS   rooArt/BMG 74321444154

Ghosts                          1997   13

CD       AUS

Stepping Stones - The Best Of   1999   18

CD       AUS   Warner

Beautiful View                  2001   11

CD       AUS

with Peter Padden:
On The Hotline                  1987    3

Single   AUS   HRC

with Kate Ceberano:
You've Always Got The Blues     1988   12   Produced by Martin Armiger

CD       AUS   ABC

LP       AUS   ABC

Contribution to album

The Spirit of Christmas 1993   1993
Good Vibrations                1998
Olympic Record                 2000
The Spirit of Christmas 2001   2001

Session musician

Glenn Shorrock                  lp      Villain Of The Peace                       1982
Kirk Lorange                    lp      No Apostrophe                              1983
John Paul Young                 lp      One Foot In Front                          1983
Paul Black                      s                                                  1984
Jonathon Coleman                mlp     Polka Project                              1984
Del Shannon                     track   Something To Believe In                    1984
Models                          lp      Out Of Mind Out Of Sight                   1985
Stephen Cummings                s       What Am I Going To Do?                     1985
Marc Hunter                     lp      Communication                              1986
TV-Series                               Dancing Daze                               1986
Soundtrack                              Illusion                                   1986
Venetians                       lp      Calling In The Lions                       1986
Pink Slips                      s       Ache                                       1986
Dave Dobbyn                     lp      Loyal                                      1986
Models                          lp      Media                                      1987
GANGgajang                      lp      Gang Again                                 1987
Richard Clapton                 lp      Glory Road                                 1987
Jimmy Barnes                    lp      Freight Train Heart                        1987
John Hanlon                     lp      S.S.                                       1988
Soundtrack                              Boulevard of Broken Dreams                 1988
N. Hazelhurst                   lp      S.A.W.                                     1988
Cal                             lp      Sailors and Mermaids                       1988
Billy Field                     lp      Say Yes                                    1989
Tony Llewellyn                  12"                                                1989
Dragon                          lp      Bondi Road                                 1989
Ross Wilson                     lp      Dark Side Of The Man                       1989
Various                         lps     ABC Children's Series 0,5,6                1989
Llewellyn                       s                                                  1989
Sean Kelly                      s       Thankyou Goodnight                         1989
Die Laughing                    lp      Die Laughing                               1989
Peter Blakeley                  cd      Harry's Cafe De Wheels                     1990
Paul Kelly and The Messengers   s       Pouring Petrol on a Burning Man            1990
Icehouse                        cd      Code Blue                                  1990
Jenny Morris                    cd      Honeychild                                 1991
The Rockmelons                  cd      Form One Planet                            1992
Max Sharam                      cd      ...A Million Year Girl                     1995
Various                         cd      One Voice: The Songs of Chage and Aska     1996
Iva Davies                      cds     Circles In The Sky                         2000
Rod Stewart                     cd      Great American Songbook Volume II          2003


Peter Blakeley and The Resurrection 1986-1987
Rockmelons 1987-1988
Noel's Cowards 1988
Absent Friends 1989-1990

Sources of information: Paul Baird, Wendy Matthews Homepage
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