Max Q

Melbourne 1989



Max Q   1989   11   Produced by Ollie Olsen and Michael Hutchence

CD   AUS   CBS 465906 2
     GER   Mercury 838 942-2
     UK    Mercury 838 942-2
     USA   Atlantic 82014-2

LP   AUS   CBS 465906 1
     UK    Mercury 838 942-1
     USA   Atlantic 82014-1

MC   AUS   CBS 465906 4
     CAN   Atlantic 820 144-7
     UK    Mercury 838 942-4
     USA   Atlantic 82014-4


Hanna Arnie (g) Paris Green, Orchestra Of Skin and Bone, Melt
Hutchence Michael (v)
McDonald Bill (b)
Murphy John (d,perc) Crime and The City Solution, The The (UK), Gene Loves Jezebel (UK), Orchestra Of Skin and Bone, The Wreckery, Louis Tillett and His Cast of Aspersions
Olsen Ollie (prog)
Sheridan Michael (g) Mandrix, Rubicon, Great White Noise, No
Till Gus (k) The Ears, The Models, Beargarden, The Index, The Third Eye

Sources of information: Julian Shaw
© Magnus Holmgren
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