Kavisha Mazzella



Mermaids In The Well              1995   ??   Produced by Lee Buddle and John Reed

CD      AUS   Festival

Fisherman's Daughter              1998   ??   Produced by Kavisha Mazzella and Michael Thomas

CD      AUS   Universal/ABC

Canberra, Cork, Calgary... Live   2000   15

CD      AUS

Luna                              2001    6


Session musician

Tiddas          cd   Tiddas         1996
Ruby Hunter     cd   Feeling Good   2000
Marcia Howard   cd   Butterfly      2000


I Papaveri 1981 Sanjiva Margio, Giri Mazzella
Rich 'N'famous 1987-1996 John Reed, Lee Buddle, Gary Burke, Peter Grayling, Rueben Kooperman
Le Gioie Delle Donne 1989
Fireflies 1993-1998 John Norton, Louis McManus, Blair Greenburg, Dave Steel, Matthew Arnold, Justin Brady, Ben Robertson, Archie Cuthbertson, Irini Vela
La Voce Della Luna 1995-

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