David McComb



The Message        1991    3   Produced by Stephen Street, Tim Bran, David McComb and Victor Van Vugt

CD-EP    AUS   Foundation TFL11CD (1 extra track)

EP       AUS   Foundation TFL11T

Love Of Will       1994   13   Produced by Nick Mainsbridge

CD       AUS   White D31071
         GER   Mushroom 74321 19226 2

MC       AUS   White C31071

with Adam Peters:
I Don't Need You   1989    2   Produced by David McComb and Adam Peters

Single   UK    Island

Maxi     UK    Island 12 IS 410 (2 extra tracks)

Contribution to album

'Til Things Are Brighter   1988
I'm Your Fan               1991
Where Joy Kills Sorrow     1997


The Triffids           lp   In The Pines                          1986
The Triffids           lp   The Black Swan                        1989
The Blackeyed Susans   ep   ...Depends 0n What You Mean By Love   1991

Session musician

Frontier Scouts               lp   Museum Collection       1983
JFK and The Cuban Crisis      lp   The End of The Affair   1983
Acuff's Rose                  cd   Never Comin' Down       1993
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds   cd   Let Love In             1994


Dalsy 1976-1977 Alsy MacDonald
Blok Music 197?
The Triffids 1978-1989
Lawson Square Infirmary 1984
Gary Meadows Syndrome 1986
Bottomless Schooners of Old 1988 Martin Casey, Graham Lee, Rob Snarski
The Blackeyed Susans 1989-1990,1992-1993
David McComb and The Red Ponies 1994
Four Hours Sleep 1996
costar 1998 Will Akers, Graham Lee, Matt Habben, Kiernan Box, Stuart Soler
died 1999.

Members (David McComb and The Red Ponies)

Ellis Warren (viol) 1994
Lee Graham (g,pd st) 1994
Luscombe Peter (d) 1994
McComb Robert (viol,g,k,bv) 1994 The Triffids, Lawson Square Infirmary
Vidale Michael (b,bv) 1994 Jimmy and The Boys, The Guns, The Flying Emus, Big Guns, Baylor Brothers Band, Peter Wells Band, The Whitlams

Sources of information: Triffids Discography by Morten Skjefte, David Nichols, Vince Simonetti, James Paterson, W. Minc Dave McComb Tribute Page
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